We always want to buy that EV but sometimes we tend to take a step back due to our perception about reparability. ICE cars have been around few decades for anyone to get familier but we cannot wait EVs to go through the same cycle - We need to kick start the adoption.

At fixmyev we believe more content you share, the more end consumers decide to buy EVs without having any doubts about reparability. We also think there's lot a tallent out there who can repair their EVs by themselves without going to dealership or mechanics. We also belive your car should be no different to personal computer in the future where you can repair or assemble one at your preference and you will pay for subscriptions for software you use.

fixmyev.com is the online resource for EV enthusiasts containing technical information, repair instructions, wiring diagrams and more... If you are a legal representative who thinks that we have infringed your copyright meterial, we kidndly ask you to look at why section before you take any action.

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  • Basic common sense is required when working on cars in order to avoid serious injury or death.